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Post  [[DGA]] Arey:] on February 26th 2009, 08:29

whats ur name?

do u want to be a princess wen u grow up!!!!

do u smack your thigh when ur laughing?

are u fat enough to occupy dga as a bluber treatment?

Do u fart...a lot?

does ur face go gahhhhhhhhhhh in the morning?

do u have a deformed ass hole?

do u use happy faces alot?

where do u live cz i wanna stalk u guys?

do you ... ur boring me?

DO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!die...?

DO YOU laugh when ur face fallls off and says gahh ur ugly?

DO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fart..?

does ur butt go (a fart noise)when u fart?

does ur butt get fat a lot?

are u fat or skinny?

Why do you want to enter DGA?

Who encouraged u from the DGA to enter ( we all know its arey just answer ;] JK ) ?

Who r you Surprised?

Were u in the Figbbbabbbb? (i dont care lol i just wanna know Very Happy)

Note: Only 3 real members of the DGA Diana, German, Arev so like yah when u apply for this ur part of the goverment <--- yes we made a planet :] haha so yah but ur still like really awesome Razz

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